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Registration Options During the COVID-19 Pandemic

For information related to the Copyright Office’s operations during the COVID-19 health situation, answers to frequently asked questions, and a list of expanded electronic filing options, visit our coronavirus website.

Coming Soon: Group Registration of Short Online Literary Works (GRTX)

The Copyright Office will implement a new group registration option for short online literary works, such as blog entries, social media posts, and short online articles. Read more.

Welcome to the Registration Portal. This is your starting point for all things related to the registration of copyrights. Choose a category below to find out more about the different works typically registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Literary Works

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Articles, Periodicals

Performing Arts

Music, Lyrics, Sound Recordings, Scripts, Stage Plays

Visual Arts

Artwork, Illustrations, Jewelry, Fabric, Architecture

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Computer Programs, Databases, Blogs, Websites

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Movies, TV Shows, Video Games, Animation, Videos


News Photos, Selfies, Wedding Photos, Family Photos